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  1. Organic India Quinoa - 500 Gram

    Quinoa - Certified Organic
  2. Organic Soul Quinoa - 500 Gram

    Certified Organic
  3. True Elements- Quinoa - 500 Gram True Elements- Quinoa - 500 Gram

    True Elements- Quinoa - 500 Gram

    True Elements Gluten-free Quinoa is naturally gluten-free, composed of a mixture of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, required by the body for carrying out the functioning of the overall system.

    The gluten-free property of Quinoa makes it more special, beneficial in certain disorders of the body and keeping you healthy throughout.

    Regular Price: ₹427.00

    Special Price ₹406.00

  4. True Elements Gluten Free - Quinoa, Semi Processed - 250 Grams True Elements Gluten Free - Quinoa, Semi Processed - 250 Grams

    True Elements Gluten Free - Quinoa, Semi Processed - 250 Grams

    Quinoa is a superfood, jammed with many nutrients. It can be replaced with rice for weight loss concerned people. It is an ancient food, comprised of all essential nutrients and healthy for any person.

    True Elements Semi-processed Quinoa is a different version of quinoa as compared to a normal one. It is naturally gluten-free. It requires much time for cooking because of its less processed nature but can improve your health in several ways. Since it contains saponin, it is bitter in taste. However, it can taste much better when washed properly with water.

    Regular Price: ₹225.00

    Special Price ₹214.00

  5. Natureland Organics - Quinoa - 500 Gram

    • USDA Certified
    • Quinoa is one of the world's most popular health foods.
    • Rich in fibre, Magnesium, Vitamin B & E, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus
    • Gluten free, High in protein
    • Contain all nine essential amino acids.
    • Helps in weight loss and improved health.
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8 Item(s)


With click of a button you can order one of the most popular superfood online and get it right at your doorstep.

Biomart brings organic, 100 Percent certified, pure, chemical-free super food Quinoa. Quinoa comes with dozens of health benefits. What’s more Biomart ensures that products sold here are without any artificial flavour and pure.

Quinoa which is craze for people who are health conscious – is gluten-free and has all nine- essential amino acids (protein). What makes Quinoa a much sought after food is the high fibre content, which helps you to reduce weight. The seeds are packed with magnesium, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, iron, potassium. It also considered a good source of anti-oxidants.

Biomart sells Quinoa online from different brands. All Quinoa are sold in sealed packets to keep product fresh and hygienic. They are all available in 500 gram packets.

These nutritional powerhouses can be used in salads, soups, pakodas or fritters (which is commonly made in Indian household). Quinoa can be used for breakfast as upmas (South Indian breakfast). Children can consume Quinoa when added in porridge or with oat or cornflakes.

So go ahead and order the wholesome food right now.