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Green Tea

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  1. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Classic - 100 GM Tin

    Tulsi Green Tea Classic Tin - Stress Relieving & Empowering 

  2. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate - 25 Tea Bags

    Stress Relieving & Invigorating 
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Organic Green Tea

Green Tea has become a craze in the Indian market because of its amazing benefits. Other than its soothing property and lighter taste, people consume for its other benefits.

Green tea because of its properties have been used in Chinese medicines. It grown mainly in China and India.

Research/ various studies show that the tea can prevent cancer. Studies have also shown that having green tea is linked to lowering stroke risk, might help in reducing bad cholesterol. It is also known to help Alzheimer’s patients.

Green tea is also a popular option for those who want to reduce weight.

Biomart brings you 100 percent organic and certified Green tea, approved by the USDA. Products sold online do not contain any artificial flavour or chemicals. All the products sold here are in air tight jars and packets to preserve its freshness and purity and preserve all its health benefits.

Both options are available – one can but tea leaves as well as tea bags. One can also pick green tea infused with Tuli, Lemon Ginger, Jasmine and Pomegranate.

So go ahead and buy your Green Tea packets online. You can order different flavours from Biomart basket.