Sow Fresh Organic Coldpressed Almond Oil 250 Ml

  • Vegan and Excellent For Pregnant Ladies
  • Maintains Cholesterol
  • Helps in Baby?s Bone Development
  • Boosts Memory & Nervous System
  • Rich Source Of Vitamins & Minerals
  • Regulates Blood Pressure & Circulation
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Over 3000 years ago, on the banks of River Tawi, stood the Winter Capital of India where the trees of Gurbandi Almonds swayed gloriously against the chilling breeze. These trees have ever-since been cultivated and passed down over the generations of the local farmers who still strive to keep the legacy entact, practicing age-old traditional farming methods on their ancestral land that has now become their livelihood. The raw Gurbandi ALMONDS used in the making of our oil are sourced from the local farmers of Jammu along with their shells and the oil is coldpressed within 24hours of opening the shells -to retain max nutrients, promoting our mission of supporting the farmers families around India, while the age-old ?Wooden Chakka Technique? is used making these the purest form of oil on Earth!