Organic India Organic Honey Wild Forest 250 Gm

by Organic India Pvt Ltd


  • 100% natural and organic certified
  • Good for your health
  • Smooth, fragrant, perfectly and irresistibly delicious
  • Natural source of energy
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Organic Honey Wild Forest is 100 % Natural and Organic Certified and Good for your health. Organic India Wild Forest Honey is smooth, Fragrant, perfectly and irresistibly delicious, while being a natural source of Energy. This Golden nectar rich in Wild Forest tastes and aromas is sustainably collected in the Himalayan forest, where flowering trees and plants grow in abundance (and are never sprayed with chemicals). Organic Honey is naturally complete with healthful minirals and nutrients & perfect for adding sweetness to your life by spoonful, as well as your favourite Tulsi Tea toast & Desserts.

Organic India Pvt Ltd