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Buy Flattened Rice / Poha / Beaten Rice Online

Rice occupies a very important position in any Indian meal. Rice is not just consumed in cooked form but also other varieties. Flattened rice is one such variety. It is known by different names in different parts of India – like chura, chira, chivda, poha, aval, and avalakki. Unlike rice, flattened rice is very light.

A favourite breakfast across different states is poha – that is flattened rice, soaked in water until it gets soft and then sautéed with fried onions and other vegetables like carrots, beans, chilies, curry leaves, salt, and peanuts. The recipe varies from state to state.

Poha can be consumed with curd and milk and sugar.

In Biomart there is a range of different types of Flattened or Beaten Rice or Poha . Poha sold here has not been treated with any chemicals or artificial flavors. One can buy both white as well as red rice poha.

All the packets sold are available in both 500 grams and 1 kg packets.
So what are you waiting for – go buy your packet of choice for a tasty breakfast and any time snacks.