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Buy Organic Rice, Beans, Millet online at BIOMART.IN

Grains like rice, dals and beans form the basic staple of India’s food industry. In India people consumed different type of rice on daily basis. Each of this variety has many benefits.

Some of the common varieties of rice grown in India are Basmati, brown, Red rice, Sona Masoori/ Sona Masuri and all are sold online here.

Do You Know – Brown Rice is Diabetes Friendly

Biomart sells online all natural and 100 percent organic rice and pulses.

These products are 100% certified Organic. All these grains have great health benefits and keep you fit

Protein Rich Rajma & Lobia

Among pulses, Biomart sells Lobia (black eyed pea/ Cowpea), Rajma (Kidney Beans), Kabuli Chana (chickpeas), Kala Chana (brown gram) and organic Soya beans.

Organic Rice Beans Millet Ragi, Barley, Daliya / Dalia (both wheat and maize varieties) and millet are available online to buy.

So whenever you want to dish out some yummy lunch or dinner for yourself and your loved ones, buy all the organic options available here.

All these grains have great health benefits.

So start eating these grain from today itself because your health is a very precious thing. Eating organic also cut your doctor bill.