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Organic Jowar or Sorghum Flour

Organic Jowar or sorghum flour is common in Indian households, especially in the western and central parts of India. Where it is used in making wholesome rotis. Roties keep control your hunger for a long time and make you feel active as well. Such is the power of millets! Jowar or sorghum is a hardy crop. The grains are often boiled or steamed and used in making porridges and soups. It milled into flour, which is then used in making many preparations. Unlike wheat flour, it lacks elasticity aka gluten. So while making rotis, one often uses the palm of his or her hands to give them shape before tossing them onto the hot tawa.
Jowar or shorgum flour can also be mixed with other flours to make pooris, muthias (Gujarati steamed dumplings), khakra, thalipeeth (Maharashtrian spiced pancakes), and paranthas; and even cakes, cookies and breads.

Powerhouse of Nutrients

Since it lacks gluten, it gets a little tricky to use it, but as you discover more and more about its capabilities, you will be able to create a lip-smacking range of treats, even gluten-free ones.

Health Benefits

Rich in Fiber
Controls Blood Sugar Levels
High Protein
Good for Bone Health
Packed with Vitamins, Minerals and Micronutrients
Weight Loss

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