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Organic Bajra or Pearl Millet Flour

The delicious Organic Bajra or Pearl Millet Flour rotis are a storehouse of nutrition. In English, Bajra is called Pearl Millet, that is one among the foremost common millets out there. Pearl Millet is Rich in fiber, proteins and essential minerals. Pearl millet flour is a healthy gluten-free alternative. Bajre ki roti is an ancient Rajasthani dish. It’s popular everywhere in North India.
Bajra or Pearl millet is fibre-rich, protein-rich and has essential minerals. It contains metallic element, iron and phosphorous. It is gluten-free and alkaline, so very soothing for the body.
Due to their high nutrition profile, bajra and other millets can tackle many common illnesses. It relieves constipation, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.
Bajra has complex carbohydrates which release energy . As a result, one feels fuller for an extended time. When a millet meal, creating it an ideal grain for weight-loss diets. We shifted to gluten-free grains because we realized gluten was causing the bulk of our digestion problems. We knew of rice and quinoa as gluten-free wheat alternatives.

Health Benefits

Powerful for controlling diabetes:

Pearl millet is very powerful in controlling diabetes. Because of its high fibre content tends to digest slowly. This helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels for a long period of time.

Weight loss:

Being high in fibre content, it takes a longer time for the grain to move from the stomach to the intestines. This way, bajra curbs hunger for a protracted span of your time.

Reduces cholesterol:

It contains phytochemicals, which is called phytic acid believed to increase cholesterol metabolism. It also stabilises the level of cholesterol in the body.

Helps in digestion:

Bajra is wealthy in insoluble fibre that aids digestion.
It also reduces the secretion of bile acids and is linked to a lowered risk of gallstone formation.

Helps prevent cancer:

Bajra has cancer-protecting properties.
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