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Organic Flour / Atta

In several Dishes we used Organic Flour or Atta. Both in Indian as well Continental, South Eastern cuisines. There is hardly where flour is not used in any form for food. Flour finds extensive use in Indian and Continental items – savoury, dessert, staple. Other than usual Atta (all-purpose wheat), Besan and Maida. One can buy many more varieties of flour from the flour tab.
There is maize atta and for those who are allergic to gluten. Go for a gluten-free diet there is multigrain atta and regular atta – all gluten-free.
You can buy rice flour and much healthier option like ragi flour. Kuttu, Barley, Bajra, Sorghum, Jowar and Aamranth atta can be also bought from flour section.
Each of these attas has its advantages. Ragi atta has high fibre. It helps in weight reduction and fighting bad cholesterol. Barley contains various nutrients and can be also used for weight reduction.
They are all available in different quantities and all in sealed packs.
All these flours are available online at They are all 100 per cent certified by following health and hygienic standards. Biomart sells only organic and naturals products. They have no artificial or chemicals. This also guarantees many health benefits and good health.