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Organic Masoor Dal

Almost everyone knows that nutritious elements found in high amounts in lentils. Organic Masoor dal is one such lentil, which has low calories and high protein content. This unique combination of calories and protein is beneficial for health and weight.
Masoor Dal is available in many forms. Such as black, red, yellow, green and brown lentils etc.

Benefits of Organic Masoor Dal

Weight loss

Hunger can be the main reason for your weight gain because we consume more amount of food due to more hunger. This leads to weight gain. One of the advantages of lentil lentils is to control growing weight. Massor Dal contains more fiber and protein. It calms your appetite immediately and can prevent the problem of weight gain.

For heart and cholesterol

The unique blend of fiber and folate found in Masoor Dal can be beneficial for your heart. Research has shown that fiber reduces harmful cholesterol from your body. Masoor Dal increases the amount of good cholesterol. Folate found in lentils reduces the risk of homocysteine ​​(which is a risk factor for heart attack). Thus the risk of heart attack can get reduced by the use of lentils. It can also control uncontrolled blood pressure.

For blood sugar

Eating more sweet can increase blood sugar levels. If you are struggling with blood sugar disease, then you take many measures to get rid of it. They can also include the remedy of lentils. The fiber found in it prevents the amount of sugar in your blood from increasing. This can give you some relief from this disease.

For digestion

Sometimes we eat something that affects our digestion. In this case, Masoor Dal can be helpful for your digestion. Fiber found in it can help in digesting your food quickly. Masoor Dal also can get rid of digestive problems.

To increase immunity

If we talk about the benefits of Masoor Dal, it also includes improving immunity. Masoor Dal has many minerals, which are necessary for immunity. Thus using Masoor Dal can help in increasing your immunity and you can avoid many diseases.

For Cancer

Eating lentils can be beneficial for a patient suffering from cancer. Polyphenols found in lentils prevent cancer and can also help treat cancer. Masoor Dal can be helpful in preventing breast cancer and stomach cancer.

For teeth and bones

The weakness of bones increases the risk of joint pain. Masoor Dal can help relieve this problem because lentils contain calcium, magnesium, & phosphorus. It can help strengthen bones and teeth. Thus using lentil lentils can give you relief from joint pain problem.

For the brain

Irritation and anger over small things of people can be harmful to the whole family. This is all due to stress. Lentil pulses can also be helpful in diagnosing problems related to the brain. The main compound found in it, called folate, can help strengthen memory. By taking it, you can also get relief from stress.

For muscles

The good body helps you to progress in every field. To keep the body healthy, adequate intake of nutritious elements is necessary. Almost everyone is familiar with the fact that lentils contain a lot of protein. All these together keep your muscles healthy and can also help in shaping them properly.

For pregnancy

Many women may have weakness problems during pregnancy. In this situation, eating Masoor Dal supplies enough amount of nutrients. A woman can get rid of weakness. Masoor Dal is high in protein and fiber, which are essential for the body. Lentils also contain folate, which protects the infant from neural tube defects. Neural tube defects are a congenital problem that affects the brain and spinal cord of an infant.

To balance the body’s pH level

The pH level of the body must be balanced. If this is not the case, you may have physical problems. The benefits of lentils include that it can help balance your pH level. Alkaline is found in lentils, which can balance your body’s pH level.

For Skin

Everyone wants his skin to be healthy. For this, people resort to many types of creams and treatments. At the same time, simple lentils can help you in this work. Masoor Dal has many nutritious ingredients, which is beneficial for the skin. has a vide range of Masoor Dal. One can buy Masoor Dal online from is a 100% Certified Organic Pulses or Lentil store. We deliver Masoor Dal at your doorstep