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Buy Organic Tea /  Chai Online – Pesticides & Chemical Free –

Every morning having Chai or tea is something, Indians can’t do without it. Tea refreshes mind, energizes the body and wakes up the body from sleep and gets you going.

Tea is not only a popular drink which we consume all throughout the day but it is consumed worldwide for its many benefits.

All Organic Tea / Chai products sold online in Biomart are organic. All products old here are 100 percent certified by USDA. Products listed here do not contain any chemicals, artificial flavours or colours.

Biomart sells only natural and Organic products.

A cup of tea contains many antioxidants. Compared to coffee, tea has less caffeine. Regular consumption of tea is also known to reduce heart diseases and other ailments. Tea not only cures ailments it also boost the immunity system of one’s body.

Tusli, ginger infused tea leaves are a good remedy of cold, cough, sore throat.

Ayurvedic practices have emphasized on different types of tea concoction to treat different ailments since centuries.

Now shopping for different brand of organic and natural tea is just a click of button away.

In Biomart, you can order online more than 50 different types of tea. There are usual pack tea with tulsi flavour or ginger flavour. And there are some interesting ones like Gur Masala chai, Tusli sweet rose, Tusli mulethi.