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Indian tradition emphasizes a lot on the use of oil for skin rejuvenation and a healthy and glowing skin. Ancient scriptures speak about use of essential oils for skin as well as hair care.

Over the years this tradition has been taken outside India, and now people in the Western world like to use different types of oil for supple skin and silky hair.

These centuries old practice continues to remain relevant, more if you can use these oils in pure form.

Biomart brings to you beauty oils which are without any chemicals, or any artificial flavour. These oils are 100 percent organic and certified by USFDA.

As these products are not chemically treated, one can escape side effects of harmful chemicals. After all beauty enhancement should be with natural products.

You can order online organic coconut oil, extra-virgin coconut oil, castor oil, apricot oil and many more.

Benefits of using coconut oil – conditions hair, detangles, fights dandruff and it also found that it promotes hair growth. Coconut oil moisturizes skin and fights scaly skins especially during winters. Coconut oil can be mixed with other ingredients for face-pack and hair pack.

If you want your hair to grow faster and stronger, use Castor oil. The oil can be used to treat scalp infection. If used on skin it can sooth inflamed skin. Additionally castor oil is very useful for treating dry to very dry skin. Castor oil can be applied to treat blemishes, reduce stretch marks and pigmentation.

Apricot oil, known for high Vitamin E and K content, can used for glowing and supple skin.

Wait no more and start using these essential oils as part of daily beauty and healthcare.