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Organic Cashews / Kaju

The mention of Organic Cashews / Kaju rings a bell in mind – that of cashew katlis. Any festival in India, particularly, Diwali is incomplete if Kaju or cashew katlis are not served. Cashews, are also used in other sweets – in powder form or whole.

Cashews are also used in biryanis, pulao, in both vegetable and non-vegetable curries. Its nutty taste can enhance the taste of any curry o dish.

Cashews are also extensively used in snacks and taken as munchies, plan or in roasted form.

You can buy Cashew / Kaju Online from Biomart. Packed cashew is available in 100 gram, 200 gram, 250 gram and 500 gram packets.

Many reputed Indian sellers are selling Organic Cashew online at Cashew is mainly grown in Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. Other than plain kaju one can also buy roasted ones from the dry fruits section.

Pick you pack of cashews / Kaju today as they contain iron, selenium, zinc, and magnesium. Some studies have found that intake of cashew can keep heart healthy.

They are all 100 percent certified by following health and hygienic standards. Biomart sells only organic and naturals products. These Products have no artificial flavors or chemicals. Its guarantee many health benefits and good health.