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Biomart understands how important it is to include dry fruit like almond, Raisins, walnuts Pista to one’s daily diet. Dry fruits are good sources of beneficial oils, helps in increasing memory power, anti-oxidants, fight heart disease and thyroid problem and many more.


These are available by at least 5 brands. Honey roasted almond or Badam Giri is also available which has goodness of honey as well and is very yummy.
Cashew – With the addition of cashew in any curry or dish like Pulao or Paneer curry, the whole dish gets a royal makeover. The team has procured cashews from top 5 leading brands.


It can fight serious heart diseases and one can pick hygienically- packed walnut from Biomart. Again it is available in honey roasted flavour, which might be appealing to the kids.


Kishmish or Raisin are not only essential additives in desert, they are known to have curative property for nerve diseases. Raisins from different brands are available and black raisins can be also bought from this cart.


If you are looking for fibrous for your diet and some that is rich in essential minerals like potassium add fig to your diet. Being fibrous it also helps in weight reduction.


One can buy the Peanuts from here

In the dry fruits section, one can also find desiccated coconut, fruit & nut mix, apricots, blueberry and dates.

All dry fruits listed online do not have any artificial flavour or chemical content.

Biomart sells products which are organic and natural.

Products listed in each section are 100 % certified for safety. Consumers can be sure when they order products online, all will be pure and with dozens of health benefits.

Place your order of your dry fruits like almond, Raisins, walnuts Pista to day.