Dhampur Green Cinnamon Sugar Cubes with Natural Cinnamon , 500g

SKU: DG-CSC500G by Dhampure Speciality Sugars Ltd

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  • Pure and natural original cinnamon cubes, first time in India
  • No chemicals added

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Dhampur Green Cinnamon Sugar Cubes are made using real cinnamon sugar & are a health and luxurious way to sweeten your cup of coffee or tea. Cinnamon, an essential low GI food, contains biologically active substances with insulin-mimetic properties. Cinnamon Sugars Cubes with real cinnamon conjure up warm and happy thoughts. Ideal for travel and table use in cafes, they offer precise portion control in an elegant and no-mess serving. Every time you replace your table sugar with cinnamon sugars cubes, you are doing your body a healthy favour. Sweeten your evening tea or cocktail with a dash of health.

Dhampure Speciality Sugars Ltd