Caveman Organic Millet Cookies – Super Kodo Honey Magic 60 Gm

by Brahm Arpan Organic Pvt Ltd.

105.00 110.00

  • 100% Certified Organic /
  • 2 Box of 6 Cookies each
  • No Palm Oil / No Hydrogenated Fat / No Preservatives / No Artificial colours
  • Organic Butter / No Maida
  • Gluten Free / High Protein / High Fiber / Rich in OMEGA 3

Millet based ORGANIC COOKIES with real butter and goodness of almonds, honey & Kodo Millet

Brahm Arpan Organic Pvt Ltd.

Brahm Arpan Organic Pvt Ltd. is now India’s leading grower, distributor and retailer of organic food products under the brand name HEALTH FIELDS. Since the time of establishment, HEALTH FIELDS organic has been a trusted source of delicious and healthy foods grown without chemical fertilizer and pesticides. HEALTH FIELDS organic is popular for its quality, reputation and taste.