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Buy Organic Dalia/ Daliya or Broken Wheat at Biomart

Dalia/ Daliya or broken or porridge wheat is one of the healthiest option for breakfast in India. Dalia is preferred option for high fibre content and is known to aid in weight loss. It also helps diabetic patients for low glycemic content and low carbohydrate. Dalia also has high protein content. Dalia is helps a lot to increase metabolism.

It can include in women and children’s diet as Dalia is good source of Iron.

Adding Dalia to your diet would also help in improving one’s diet as it has essential nutrients.

Dalia can cook in both sweet (porridge) and savoury way (khichdi or pulao)

All our Organic Dalia or Broken Wheat is certified organic.

From Biomart, one can buy the usual wheat dalia, but also order roasted broken wheat. If you prefer barley or multigrain dalia that is also available here. One can buy this product through our mobile as as well as desktop.

All products are free from chemicals or any artificial flavours. 100 percent organic and certified by USDA and other health authorities.

You can get everything delivered at your doorsteps just by ordering online.