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Like most cultures, Indians give a lot of importance to breakfast. After all it the first wholesome meal of the day. Dieticians always emphasize that the first meal of the day should be heavy – with right mix of fruits, beverage, and cereals.

Our team has given a lot of thought to this concept of wholesome meal and offers a lot of options for your breakfast. The products that you order online from here are 100 percent certified Organic. Products listed are all organic with no artificial or chemicals. They all come with many health benefits.

Indian Breakfast
So if you prefer Indian breakfast, offers organic Poha (where you have three options – white, Black and red rice). Another awesome offer is Dalia (broken wheat). So if you can either make Khichdi or yummy porridge. All products sold here are 100% organic and natural, with no artificial flavors.

Western Breakfast
If you want to break your fast with something western – Cornflakes (both wheat and corn variety).

You can add Oats to your plate. The site offers different variety such as gluten-free rolled and steel cuts.

If you want to begin your day with a fibrous diet – Museli is a great option. The site offers seven types of Museli.

Another healthy option available is Granola.

Pasta is also available in different variety (Macaroni, Fuseli, and Penne).

Options for Smart Cooking
If a person has to finish a dozen business daily morning, they can buy Ready-to-Cook – Idlis, Dosas (available in iron-rich Ragi), Upma to make breakfast simple as well as healthy.